Month: August 2015

Common Law Trademark Rights

What is a Common Law Trademark?

common law trademark rightsFor those of you who do not know a trademark right is for someone who has filed their trademark with the government. This way it protects their rights against certain marks that are theirs. This is important usually for large businesses and business owners because they want to make sure no one is stealing from them. However, then if there is someone that is stealing from then they would like to have the choice to stop that from happening. The best way to stop that is if you take them to court and sue them. You cannot do that unless you have a trademark right, which is why it is vital that every business takes the time to get one. Continue reading “Common Law Trademark Rights”


Getting a Trademark

Wondering how you can get a trademark for a specific phrase and/or word that you have in place for a business? Many people are in this sort of position and realize the value of getting this right immediately or they are going to lose out. This is where you to be vigilant with the process and make sure it is done right as that is the only way it is going to get approved as fast as you want it to be approved. Those who are not careful are going to get caught out as time goes on. Here are a few tips to focus on. It’s worth noting, on an average it takes about 10 months to get a trademark. Continue reading “Getting a Trademark”